Updates! 4/1/14


The game’s been cancelled. Everybody go home, nothing to see here.

April Fools!

We’re still working hard, here’s what’s gone down since our last update:

  • We met with our audio team and checked out the most recent version of our audio tracks
  • We designed all the remaining content
  • We playtested our existing content again and got more feedback
  • We mapped out a near-daily development plan for the remaining available time

Based on our playtesting, the levels are still a little too difficult to navigate, movement is a bit too elastic, and players wanted some indication of what objects can be grappled on. These are currently being addressed and we’re always grateful for the feedback we receive.

Our plans for this week:


  • Rework existing level structure
  • Add grapplability indicator in level elements
  • Create more level art/assets
  • Rework player visuals


  • Finalize Greed/Gluttony fight
  • Implement NPCs in The Hub
  • Implement item drops in existing boss fights


  • Fix any remaining movement or grapple bugs
  • Develop enemy spawner code for Wrath encounter
  • Develop turret code for Wrath encounter


  • Complete Lust asset, including animations and texturing
  • Begin creating Wrath asset

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