Updates! 3/24/14


In the last week, we’ve been busy! Here’s a rundown of what we’ve gotten done:

  • Sloth redesigned and new features implemented. Features include animations, VFX, AI, and game events.
  • Greed & Gluttony implemented. Some attacks, AI, and game events implemented, some attacks animated but not implemented.
  • New level art added for Green and Yellow wings.
  • New player animated and designed, not yet implemented.
  • Various bug fixes

We’re on track for more playtesting on Monday, but before then here’s the breakdown:


  • Implement new player
  • Create new level assets
  • Prototype perspective camera


  • Finish Greed/Gluttony encounter


  • Complete Lust design, prepare for modeling and animation


  • Grapple bugfixes
  • Sloth bugfixes


Hopefully we should have the first half of our game essentially completed by Monday! Pretty exciting, stay tuned.


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