Updates! 3/13/14


Believe it or not, but we have a lot of new information for you since our last update! After meeting and discussing how we’re revisiting old and designing new content, we came up with some really awesome plans:

  • The tutorial sequence will be more spread out and focus on specific elements more closely
  • Sloth will be given two new combat mechanics to make the fight more fun. Specifically Sloth will be getting two new close-range moves to knock back and incapacitate the player.
  • Sloth will be made larger and get slight visual changes
  • Greed/Gluttony’s mechanics are designed and in progress. Using a combination of projectile and melee moves, it should be an exciting encounter (no spoilers yet!)
  • The Hub will be shrunk and streamlined
  • Yellow Wing will be mostly removed, barring one small exception (again, no spoilers yet!)
  • Lust and Wrath are designed at a high level
  • There will be some visual redesign of existing level elements


We also met with our audio team again and they were very impressed with what we’ve gotten done since the last meeting. More importantly, they had some very cool ideas with the music in our game and will be sending us tracks in the very near future. We’re keeping in close contact over the next week or so and will have a lot of exciting things to implement very soon.


Lastly, our task breakdown for the week is as follows:



  • Create new tutorial sequence
  • Redesign doors and new platforms


  • Finalize NPC behavior
  • Implement NPCs in The Hub
  • Develop toxic hazard prototype


  • Redesign Sloth
  • Animate Greed/Gluttony


  • Clean code
  • Develop z-axis prototype
  • Work on new Sloth AI

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