Updates! 3/10/14


Playtest number 2 was today and we got a ton of useful information! After adding a lot of art and fixing mechanics, we showed off the current state of the game to our capstone class and professors. Here’s the rundown of our feedback:

  • Grappling movement feels great, non-grappling movement not so much.
  • The art is awesome but hard to distinguish background and foreground.
  • Adding more direction to early levels will help ease any confusion.
  • The boss fight needs more oomph. Add more elements and make it smarter.

We’re also thinking about reducing the total number of boss fights. It’s not an issue of dedication, just time. We’re still actively discussing how to move foreward so nothing’s set in stone just yet.


A lot of our work this week will be based off of our playtesting feedback. Here’s the breakdown:



  • Fix level art
  • Add tutorial/instruction graphics
  • Designing improved combat mechanics


  • Improve sword swing animation
  • Create toxic liquid hazard
  • Update item upgrade prefabs


  • Finish the 2nd boss encounter


  • 3-dimensional player “toss”
  • Check NPC code
  • Sloth boss AI
  • Improve the Sloth boss fight


As previously stated, this week will be important for us not so much as in a development sense but a management sense, as we’re only looking at another six weeks-ish of work time. Still, keeping our hopes high!


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