Updates! 3/4/14


Hey all, we’ve been working hard (despite being on spring break!) and have more updates for you! We’ve gotten more art done, created a lot more assets (visual and otherwise), and began working on the finalized level structure of the game (so it’s not a series of empty rectangles like the first playtest demo). We’ve also begun finalizing our NPC system and reworking existing systems (combat, etc) to work with suggestions from our playtesting session. Since the whole group won’t be here for break, the work breakdown is a little uneven this week but don’t worry! It just means we’re working as hard as we can with the availability we have.



  • Refactor existing systems for dynamic and improved behavior


  • Finish NPC system in its entirety
  • Refactor existing systems


  • Create scene level structure of full game
  • Implement level design for early and mid-game levels
  • Create more art assets for new level elements
  • Streamline file structure for game assets
  • Coordinate between external art and audio members
  • Refactor existing systems to address criticisms in playtesting feedback

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