Updates! 3/24/14


In the last week, we’ve been busy! Here’s a rundown of what we’ve gotten done:

  • Sloth redesigned and new features implemented. Features include animations, VFX, AI, and game events.
  • Greed & Gluttony implemented. Some attacks, AI, and game events implemented, some attacks animated but not implemented.
  • New level art added for Green and Yellow wings.
  • New player animated and designed, not yet implemented.
  • Various bug fixes

We’re on track for more playtesting on Monday, but before then here’s the breakdown:


  • Implement new player
  • Create new level assets
  • Prototype perspective camera


  • Finish Greed/Gluttony encounter


  • Complete Lust design, prepare for modeling and animation


  • Grapple bugfixes
  • Sloth bugfixes


Hopefully we should have the first half of our game essentially completed by Monday! Pretty exciting, stay tuned.


Updates! 3/17/14 – Dev Status


This week our goal was to beef up the first boss experience by adding new attacks and polishing what’s already there. Apart of that dealt with how the boss gives and receives damage, which caused a lot of bugs/issues with all the colliders on the boss. :(

We’ve done a lot of debugging to try to get everything to play nice, but in the end this problem has set us back a couple of dev days. However, I’m confidence we can make up the time in the coming week.

– Zach Lead Engineer

Updates! 3/13/14


Believe it or not, but we have a lot of new information for you since our last update! After meeting and discussing how we’re revisiting old and designing new content, we came up with some really awesome plans:

  • The tutorial sequence will be more spread out and focus on specific elements more closely
  • Sloth will be given two new combat mechanics to make the fight more fun. Specifically Sloth will be getting two new close-range moves to knock back and incapacitate the player.
  • Sloth will be made larger and get slight visual changes
  • Greed/Gluttony’s mechanics are designed and in progress. Using a combination of projectile and melee moves, it should be an exciting encounter (no spoilers yet!)
  • The Hub will be shrunk and streamlined
  • Yellow Wing will be mostly removed, barring one small exception (again, no spoilers yet!)
  • Lust and Wrath are designed at a high level
  • There will be some visual redesign of existing level elements


We also met with our audio team again and they were very impressed with what we’ve gotten done since the last meeting. More importantly, they had some very cool ideas with the music in our game and will be sending us tracks in the very near future. We’re keeping in close contact over the next week or so and will have a lot of exciting things to implement very soon.


Lastly, our task breakdown for the week is as follows:



  • Create new tutorial sequence
  • Redesign doors and new platforms


  • Finalize NPC behavior
  • Implement NPCs in The Hub
  • Develop toxic hazard prototype


  • Redesign Sloth
  • Animate Greed/Gluttony


  • Clean code
  • Develop z-axis prototype
  • Work on new Sloth AI

Updates! 3/10/14


Playtest number 2 was today and we got a ton of useful information! After adding a lot of art and fixing mechanics, we showed off the current state of the game to our capstone class and professors. Here’s the rundown of our feedback:

  • Grappling movement feels great, non-grappling movement not so much.
  • The art is awesome but hard to distinguish background and foreground.
  • Adding more direction to early levels will help ease any confusion.
  • The boss fight needs more oomph. Add more elements and make it smarter.

We’re also thinking about reducing the total number of boss fights. It’s not an issue of dedication, just time. We’re still actively discussing how to move foreward so nothing’s set in stone just yet.


A lot of our work this week will be based off of our playtesting feedback. Here’s the breakdown:



  • Fix level art
  • Add tutorial/instruction graphics
  • Designing improved combat mechanics


  • Improve sword swing animation
  • Create toxic liquid hazard
  • Update item upgrade prefabs


  • Finish the 2nd boss encounter


  • 3-dimensional player “toss”
  • Check NPC code
  • Sloth boss AI
  • Improve the Sloth boss fight


As previously stated, this week will be important for us not so much as in a development sense but a management sense, as we’re only looking at another six weeks-ish of work time. Still, keeping our hopes high!

Updates! 3/4/14


Hey all, we’ve been working hard (despite being on spring break!) and have more updates for you! We’ve gotten more art done, created a lot more assets (visual and otherwise), and began working on the finalized level structure of the game (so it’s not a series of empty rectangles like the first playtest demo). We’ve also begun finalizing our NPC system and reworking existing systems (combat, etc) to work with suggestions from our playtesting session. Since the whole group won’t be here for break, the work breakdown is a little uneven this week but don’t worry! It just means we’re working as hard as we can with the availability we have.



  • Refactor existing systems for dynamic and improved behavior


  • Finish NPC system in its entirety
  • Refactor existing systems


  • Create scene level structure of full game
  • Implement level design for early and mid-game levels
  • Create more art assets for new level elements
  • Streamline file structure for game assets
  • Coordinate between external art and audio members
  • Refactor existing systems to address criticisms in playtesting feedback