Updates! 2/25/14


Another update, another bunch of work done! A little less exciting than previous updates (for good reason!) we’ve been focusing on tweaking existing systems and getting things ready for other people to see. There have been a couple hiccups in the last few days but otherwise everything’s been smooth sailing. For the sake of transparency, here’s the good, bad, and the ugly:



  • We’ve refactored the player, item, inventory, and Sloth AI code to the structure we want in the final versions of the game
  • We’ve implemented a lot of new art that has received many positive responses
  • We’re one element from being code complete!


  • We’ve had to restructure creation of art assets, which as included bringing on a new team member. From this point on Justin Yang will remain Creative Direction, Chris Germano will head creation of 2D assets, and Peyton Gee will be creating background landscapes to be used in our background parallax system.
  • Part of refactoring the player code resulted in less than preferable player control. Unfortunately this was immediately before our playtesting, but we are actively working to improve player control before the next playtesting session.
  • Because of the way we generate levels they do not work with Unity Web Player. This is not a priority for us and we do not plan to immediately rewrite how our game works for online previews. Because of this we won’t be posting as many interactive demos here. In return we’ll be posting screenshots and videos down the line.


These are only our recent events, and as usual here’s our weekly plan:



  • Create the level system for The Hub with basic level design
  • Continue creating level art for new levels and improve existing level art
  • Help Zach finalize player movement feel
  • Create core item assets, mainly the grapple and blowtorch


  • Create a preliminary NPC system (basic interaction, animations, etc)
  • Create an inventory visualization system
  • Have pickups pop up from bosses when rewarded


  • Create animations for Greed and Gluttony
  • Finalize textures for Greed and Gluttony


  • Fix the player movement feel
  • Finalize the code room and scene managers
  • Develop a life stealing weapon
  • Conceptualize the system behind grappling on a moving object


We’re looking forward to the coming week, being spring break we should have a ton of time to get new work done! Stay tuned.


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