Getting the Swing of it 2!


Earlier we talked about our initial swing tech demo, here, back when we were still using Unity 2D. From that point we moved from 2D to 3D and played with the different techniques for swing.

Here is the direct port from 2D to 3D. In this demo we are mainly focusing on the player’s controls, you will probably will be able to tell that swing doesn’t work at all. It’s using a Configurable Joint, in hopes that in passing it to Chris for polish he would be able to get it to feel right.


Next in this demo Chris flushed out the tech demo bring the mechanic closer to feature complete. Adding a reeling move and break forces. He also tried to create the swing without a Joint, the feel of the swing is closer to what we wanted but still not there yet.


After getting annoyed with how long the Grapple was taking us to get right. I decided to jam on the Grapple Mechanic all weekend. In the end I was able to get the swing to feel right with a HingeJoint and I documented how I was able to achieve that here.


Finally, after a bit more polish the Grapple Mechanic is feature complete!


There are a few bugs but the Grapple Mechanic is ready to go for playtesting!

– Zach Lead Engineer



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