Updates! 2/14/14


It’s been an exciting week! Yesterday we met with our awesome audio team from Berkee and did more formal introductions, worked out our meeting times, coordinated tasks, and listened to some pretty awesome tracks they threw together in anticipation Wednesday night. I think I speak for all of us when I say working with them is going to be a very exciting and rewarding process.


As far as our weekly goals go, here’s where we stand for Monday:



  • Familiarized with Zach’s SceneManager and implemented it with a preloader
  • Creating introductory levels, in progress (Estimated completion late Saturday)


  • Creating equippable/customizable items, in progress (Estimated completion Sunday)


  • Modeling, rigging, and animating our next two bosses (Estimated completion Sunday)
  • Redesigning the player (Estimated completion Monday)
  • Level art (Estimated completion Monday)


  • Item/Inventory system (Estimated completion late Saturday)
  • Sloth AI with mecanim implementation (Estimated completion Sunday)
  • Finalize values in grappling system (Completed)


So we’re all right on track! After a slightly slower last week we’ve run into this one all guns blazing and are looking forward to showing off our progress to the class (and our faithful devblog followers) next week.


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