Updates! 2/11/14


We’re still chugging along on our core mechanics, which is right where we should be as this is a very scalable game based on a small number of mechanics that need to be perfect for everything to work. Zach’s gotten our grappling to a great, almost finalized, point and we’ve gotten a lot of numbers fine tuned for player behavior. This week we have a little catching up to do regarding some of that behavior, but we’re 90% on track and far from worried. This week is planned as follows:


-Create introductory levels up to and including the first boss fight

-Fine tune 1st boss aesthetics

-Placeholder level aesthetics for created levels


-Create equippable/upgradable item system

-Ragdoll tentacles for the 1st boss


-Model, texture, and animate the 2nd and 3rd bosses

-Finish player design

-2nd and 3rd boss level art


-Create item/inventory system

-Finalize grapple mechanic

-Finalize 1st boss AI


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