Combat Mechanics Demo


For the combat mechanics in the game, we wanted to partially emulate mechanics of games like Terraria and Shank. Both games feature bosses which are significantly larger than the player character. By giving the player’s attack a large swing, the player is able to be a bit less precise and they can focus on strategy.

We wanted the attack to feel fast, but powerful. One of the biggest elements of making combat feel fun is feedback. The player needs to feel like they’re making an impact on their enemies, especially in the case of boss battles.

For our first boss we wanted to introduce one of the main mechanics of our game which is destructible pieces of bosses. Sloth has a television screen in front which makes it very hard to damage the boss. By destroying the screen the player gets easier access to the main portion of Sloth. This introduces the player to a mechanic we plan on doing more with other bosses in the future, but in a simple way that’s easy to understand.

The hookshot is also used in a combat capacity in this battle, by allowing the player to dodge the boss’ attacks by using it, and get an upper hand during the battle. We designed the bosses attacks to enforce this mechanic, and it works very well introducing the player to this new mechanic.

All in all this V1 of the boss battle is very well rounded and very close to our finished product. If we are able to really nail down the mechanics during this first fight it should give us great groundwork to build the feel of the rest of the game and design and tweak later bosses to fit this feel.

– Duncan



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