Updates! 2/6/14


Hey all, just a brief update on our progress (overall and specifically for our current milestone goal):



  • Basic 2D grappling system
  • Basic Sloth AI
  • Sloth modeling, texturing, and animation
  • Placeholder 2D player graphics and animation
  • Basic combat system

In progress:

  • Final 3D grappling system
  • Gluttony/Greed modeling, texturing, and animation
  • Final Sloth AI
  • Final combat system

Not yet started:

  • Level switching system
  • Sloth level finalization
  • Gluttony/Greed level


As far as this milestone goes, here’s the current task breakdown:

Chris Germano

  1. Finalize 3D grappling system, primarily physics mechanics
  2. Move parallax demo code to main testing environment
  3. Implement Sloth level art (requires completion of task #2)

Zach Fand

  1. Create level switching system
  2. Clean finalized player code (requires completion of combat/grappling systems)
  3. If requested, inform the team as to how player animation system is structured

Duncan MacLeod

  1. Finalize combat system, primarily movement physics and damage system

Justin Yang

  1. Model, texture, and animate Greed/Gluttony (one due Monday, the next a week later)
  2. Create Greed/Gluttony level art
  3. If needed, handle requested Sloth improvements


We’re optimistic about our progress, and although Unity’s been giving us trouble in the physics department we’re still making steady progress. More updates on Monday!


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