I guess you’re wondering how we plan on moving forward. Well here’s a quick outline of what we have in store:

2/3: Demo showing one level, boss, parallax, and basic character movement, grappling, and combat.

2/10: Model second boss, develop level (loading, switching) system, finalize grappling, develop first boss AI

2/17: Model third boss, white wing artwork, develop item system, develop three-dimensional movement, develop second boss AI

2/24: Model fourth boss, hub artwork, develop NPC interaction, develop third boss AI

3/3: Model fifth boss, green wing artwork, character art, develop gear upgrading, develop fourth boss AI

3/10: Model sixth boss, yellow wing artwork, cobbler art, develop fifth boss AI

3/17: Model seventh boss, pink wing artwork, engineer art, develop sixth boss AI

3/24: White wing artwork, red wing artwork, weaponsmith art, develop seventh boss AI

3/31: Testing, catching up, and improvements, flavor npc art

4/7: Testing, catching up, and improvements


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