Getting The Swing of it.


One of the biggest mechanics of our game is the grappling hook and we want to make sure that it feels great. So I decided to start off with a tech demo to we could start tweaking it as early as possible.

I started off with the Unity 2D demo and edited it so that instead of the gun shooting bullet it shoot out the grappling hook. For the first demo I focused on getting the point where the grappling hook hits.

Demo 1

Next step is to get that swing to feel right. For this demo I tried to create the swing by hand by adding force in a direction.

Demo 2

Ok, so that doesn’t feel very good so I tried adding a Physics Joint  and seeing how that feels.

Demo 3

Cool, that’s getting close so I let Chris play around with the number and here is our current demo.

Demo 4

We’re no where near done but it’s starting to get there! Stay tuned for our next iterations!

-Zachary Fand, Lead Engineer


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