Love Elephant Interactive now accepts Dogecoin!


Donations are graciously accepted! Help take our senior capstone project to the moon: DTt48pvhAdnarbfnrB91Nbmjx6Vs8EbBEB

Thanks! Even the smallest amount is hugely motivating.


Initial Design Document


We just finished our initial design document, covering all characters, enemies, encounters, mechanics, levels, items, and story elements in great detail. Over the next few days we are planning on iterating on the design and add finishing touches, but for now we’re using this (as well as our internal tech demos) as a jumping point for initial development. Check out the published document here:

Welcome to Love Elephant Interactive!


Odds are if you’re reading this you already have a slight idea who we are. Love Elephant Interactive is a group of seniors at Northeastern University who are working on their final senior capstone game, [title pending]. No, it’s not actually called [title pending]. Over the next few months we’re going to be busting our asses to bring you the greatest game (we’ve) ever made.

The Team:

  • Zach Fand – Engineer
  • Chris Germano – Producer, Designer
  • Duncan MacLeod – Designer, Developer
  • Justin Yang – Artist

Expect regular updates, images, rants, quotes, and other entertaining tidbits. For sending feedback, questions, or incriminating photos you can contact us at